Secondary scenario

Task: Acting as a safe and ethical digital citizen. View the video and reflect on what the key messages are for secondary students in relation to digital citizenship. Consider how you would use this resource within the classroom.

Those interested in resources for secondary students, may also be interested in the following:

Digiteen wiki

Internet Safety - Keeping it real
There is a fascinating video on this last site - it is 90 mins long, but wait - it is broken into various topics which you can watch and then move on if you want to. The topics are: 'Distracted by Everything', 'What's multi-tasking doing to students' brains?' and 'Teaching with Technology' and more. It brings home the importance of digital citizenship and the need to educate students about being online, rather than leave them to it.

Digizen website

Digital Citizenship - Using technology appropriately

Digital citizenship and Creative Content

Reflection: Any feedback on how to use these resources is welcome. Leave a message in the DISCUSSION tab above (this will appear in the thread below).

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