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Digital citizenship

NetSafe's new Learn Guide Protect website

Allanah King and a colleague have created this useful resource for NZ schools.

Short/sharp video on how you will be online

The Digizen project - Young People and Social Networking Services
"The project is designed to investigate how social networking services can and are being used to support personalised formal and informal learning by young people in schools and colleges. "

Four downloadable units to work through with students on topics around being a digital citizen.

Digital Citizenship Resources

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Digital citizenship and Creative content - A teachers guide

Discover what your digital footprint says about you

Listen to this article. Powered by
Listen to this article. Powered by

Does your digital footprint convey the message you want? If you don't know you should spend time figuring this out. In the 21st century our digital footprint conveys an important image and people should know what that is.

Online safety, cyber safe practices and policies

Tagged a short video for teenagers developed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority's Cybersmart program. It encourages students to discuss the core ethical obligations of going online. It explores issues like the widespread impact of cyberbullying, how internet users can manage their digital reputation and how online interactions may have real-life consequences.

The film is accompanied by flexible lesson plans and compelling hindsight character interviews that use realistic scenarios and activities to encourage teenagers to adopt positive online behaviours that will continue into adulthood. The film, character interviews and lesson plans for Tagged are now online at"


Netsafe blog

Educause - 484 resources of cybersecurity

Keeping safe online - whole presentation from Time4Celebration

Scenario movies to share

Journey Toward Appropriate Technology Use at School and at Home

Andrew Churches Acceptable Use agreement (digital resources)

Child Pledge for Digital Citizenship
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Garden City Middle School
Cyber-safety webquest

Cyber Kidz safety points

RELLCO cluster resources on Digital citizenship

Digital Citizenship Means Responsible Use