Live event for all interested educators

Thank you for a great discussion!

A big thank you to the educators and invited guests that joined us for this discussion! For anyone that would still like to listen to the recording for this event, you can do so by following this link:


The meeting tool

The meeting took place in an Elluminate space within Learn Central. While you don't need to be a member of Learn Central to use the link below to enter the meeting, there are advantages to joining (free). As a Learn Central member, you get access to your own Elluminate room for up to three people that you can use at any time. You are also able to set up a meeting for up to 300 participants for free as long as your meeting satisfies the following criteria:
The events must be 1) education-oriented and non-commercial, 2) free (you're not charging those who attend), 3) recordable, and 4) open to anyone to attend.
It is normally quite expensive to host an Elluminate session so this is an exciting opportunity that Learn Central is able to provide to educators. You can find out more about hosing these larger meetings on the Learn Central site .

Protocols of engagement
All ideas voiced will be respected by the group. We value your input. One person at a time.

Guest speakers
Andrew Churches
Allanah King
Jacqui Sharp

Possible contexts for discussion
Current reality:
What's happening in the news?
What is happening in our schools to address digital citizenship?
What are our personal stories?
Is this view personal or school-wide?

Support Mechanisms:
Does this include school-wide practices and policy?
How can communities be included in decision making and be encouraged to participate in online spaces?
How can students meaningfully be involved in decision making?

Where to from here:
What are the challenges for schools in relation to this area and how can these be overcome?
Where to next?
What is critical, crucial, immediate?
What could further support schools as they put policies in place in relation to digital citizenship?