Introduction to Digital Citizenship and cyber safety module

Welcome to the Digital Citizenship module
The Digital Citizenship and cyber safety module highlights the need to address appropriate, responsible, safe, ethical behavior online.

This online seminar/resource has been created to:

  • Address the current trends of Digital Citizenship with links to Ministry initiatives
  • Create some dialogue around the trends associated Digital Citizenship - the connected confident learner and the influences that impact on clusters and schools in general
  • Create a blended learning opportunity where we can contribute our wealth of knowledge to support each other and to help address common needs
  • Encourage on-going dialogue through synchronous and asynchronous engagement both face-to-face and online while modeling appropriate use of technologies
  • Encourage trialing new ideas and reflective practice for improved outcomes for students

Who is this module for? Principals, teachers, students and parents. Those people responsible for empowering students to become discerning digital citizens. Those responsible for strategic planning and school-wide policies. Anyone interested in school/home partnerships.

Guest Speakers and experts will feature throughout the module.


  1. Understanding today's students (net generation, exposure to technologies)
  2. Digital citizenship (definition, digital footprint, online etiquette and appropriate behaviour for students, teachers)
  3. Online safety (cyber safe practices, Netsafe links)
  4. Documentation and policies (school-wide planning, user policies)

This module has been staggered over three weeks, to give you time to engage with the material provided. While the module is live (and afterwards), everyone's contributions are valued and invited. We hope this module will ignite new thinking, encourage dialogue around Digital Citizenship and provide a resource that is useful for others to use once the 'live seminar' is over.

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