Internet censorship

Introduction: Many schools use internet blockers. They block the dangerous and inappropriate sites that should be blocked, but they also block sites that possibly don't need to be blocked and have real potential educational value - like Youtube, wikispaces, blogs etc. Sometimes you can type a word like 'shag' hoping to find a relevant website on birds, only to find these sites are blocked as well.

NetSafe, in collaboration with NZ teachers, created a discussion document to help schools consider what is right in their context.

Suggestion: Blocking web sites at school

How far should we go? Do you think that schools should block websites like the ones mentioned above or manage this in some way?

Reflection: Should we lock our systems down or find another way to manage them like using tools like Hector's World Safety Button? What do you think? Please add your comments in the Voicethread application below. Note: You will need an existing account with VoiceThread to do this.

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